June 14 2022
5 min read
We’re excited to introduce AppDynamics Cloud to the world at Cisco Live this week. Our innovative new observability solution will be available June 28, and I’d like to share why we’re thrilled about this incredible milestone in AppDynamics’ journey. Our new AppDynamics Cloud solution is purpose-built to observe distributed and...

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July 22 2022
3 min read
Merriam Webster’s Dictionary defines “convergence” as the merging of distinct technologies, industries or devices into a unified whole. With over 23,000 active patents, Cisco has a rich heritage of unifying technologies to deliver new value to customers and partners. In 2009, for instance, Cisco converged siloed storage devices and protocols...

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March 30 2022
2 min read
OpenTelemetry is the technology that enables the future of observability. Cloud service providers, observability vendors and end-users are collaborating to create a vendor-agnostic and portable standard for metrics, events, logs and traces (M.E.L.T) that turns the collection of telemetry into a commodity. At AppDynamics, we are excited about OpenTelemetry. We...
May 03 2022
9 min read
Digital transformation didn’t start with COVID-19. But migrating IT operations to the cloud has been ascendant since the pandemic necessitated digital-first and remote technology. Suddenly, it became essential that a world of employees could simultaneously access platforms in real-time and deploy new applications faster, without managing an on-site IT infrastructure....

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April 28 2022
6 min read
2021 was a record-breaker for zero-day threats with at least 66 identified instances — twice that of 2020 — and each representing the potential for million-plus dollar losses, according to MIT Technology Review. This includes the Log4j vulnerability on December 9, 2021, that caused mayhem as hundreds of millions of...

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