Introducing AppDynamics Cloud

Your journey to cloud native is simpler than you think. AppDynamics Cloud offers performance and analytics tools to overcome growth challenges to help you make every tech decision a business decision.

Shape the future of apps

From the application layer down to your Kubernetes® infrastructure, AppDynamics Cloud provides observability across your cloud native technology landscapes. Observe and navigate any entity to better identify and troubleshoot issues. Observe what matters.

Seamlessly navigate your cloud native architecture

AppDynamics Cloud provides a dynamic view of all your cloud native environments, from the cloud infrastructure to your Kubernetes orchestration layers and applications. Explore and analyze cross-domain telemetry and follow dependencies while always having relevant MELT telemetry at the ready.

Cut through the complexity

Get greater insight into how your cloud infrastructure impacts application workloads while leveraging AI-assisted correlations and root cause analysis for faster issue resolution with comprehensive health reporting and intelligent alerting.

Future-proofing your investments

AppDynamics Cloud is built for now and engineered to leverage OpenTelemetry™ to integrate seamlessly into the rest of your ecosystem with rich APIs to automate your CI/CD deliveries, or share availability and performance telemetry data.

OpenTelemetry™ is a trademark of The Linux Foundation®.

Transform the way you see, make sense of and act on insights hidden deep inside your data.

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Introducing AppDynamics Cloud

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Find your way forward in the cloud with AppDynamics